AquaFun – Summertime Water Park

AQUAFUN LEGNICA – The Summer Water Park is being created

The construction of the Summer Water Park announced by the president of Legnica at ul. Stromej, in the immediate vicinity of the City Park, becomes a fact. There is a building permit. A complete construction and executive documentation for the modern Aquafun Legnica has already been prepared.

The planned facility will be erected in the area of the South Bath Resort, built in the 1920s, opened in 1924. All historic modernist buildings existing there will be preserved and subjected to a diligent renovation. New extensions will make this style. All water and leisure infrastructure will meet the latest technological standards.

The Summer Water Park will be built on the area of approximately 24,000 m2. The surface of the water surface of swimming pools – swimming pool, recreation pool, children’s pool and transition shower trays – is about 1,650 m2. Green areas will extend over 12.5 thousand m2.

Aquafun Legnica will be equipped among others in a large water playground for children and adults, consisting of four slides: pontoon, “Onion” (50 m), Kamikaze and a three-track multislide (the only one in the region). The total length was more than 200 meters.

The bathing beach will offer: an island for children to play, water and air massages, water pipes and a rushing river, playground, grill, gym under the cloud, social and catering facilities, paddling pools and a relaxation area for kids and adults.

The Summer Water Park “Aquafun Legnica” is already well connected with the nearby Municipal Park, thanks to the underground pedestrian crossing. Easy and safe access is provided by the collective southern road with a large car park at Bielańska street.

What’s currently in this area?

The object recreational and leisure complex was opened in August 1924. The complex includes a swimming pool measuring 50×25 m, swimming pool 20m x 50m located in the northern part of the area, recreational trough measuring 15m x 25m, a paddling pool for children 10m x 15m, paddling pool with showers and a sunbathing area, children’s play area and an athletics corner with athletics equipment. The northern and western part of the area is marked by a belt of cabins in the changing room and storage room. The City Swimming Pool has been largely preserved in its original form to the present day.

The investment assumes the performance of the following works:

  • renovation of the existing swimming pool with a size of 25x50m, with the implementation of a shelf (lounge strip), making pressure walls, making reinforced concrete transfers, making the bottom of the basin, foiling the basin and shortening the pool to 33.33 m,
  • demolition of existing swimming pools (3 pcs: swimming pool 20m x 50m located in the northern part of the area, recreational trough measuring 15m x 25m, paddling pool for children measuring 10m x 15m), paddling pool with showers and other elements interfering with planned land development,
  • reconstruction and extension of existing buildings along with the adaptation to use of the facility by disabled people,
  • construction of a new single-storey, basement water technology building with sanitary and cloakroom facilities,
  • making new surfaces of a ceramic beach pool,
  • construction of a recreational trough with attractions,
  • construction of slides: pontoon, open three-track, kamikaze, onion with tubs located in the upper part of the rebuilt and shortened swimming trough,
  • construction of a paddling pool for children,
  • construction of a water playground with water sprinklers,
  • construction of transfer trays,
  • construction of surge tanks,
  • construction of two playgrounds for a beach ball with a sandy surface,
  • construction of a playground for children,
  • construction of an outdoor gym,
  • construction of a recreational grill roof,
  • construction of walkways and commutes from concrete blocks with three parking spaces for disabled people and a square for catering vehicles,
  • construction of technical infrastructure necessary for the use of the facility: sanitary sewage system, power cable line, trafostacja, external and internal plumbing systems, sanitary sewage system, pool water technology, electricity, land and teletechnical lighting, photovoltaic installation, heat pumps,
  • solar site for photovoltaic installation,
  • implementation of low and medium-high greenery plantings.

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